To Feel Yourself You Need Community

Hello Being,

How much do you feel yourself right now?

This is an unanswerable question, you know why?…cause you only can feel yourself as much as you are aware of yourself.

Here is why…

In modern culture the destruction of family and community has gone very far. Somewhere along the linear life plan that modern culture values so much the belief of having someone in your life that can see, feel and fullfill all of your needs and wants came along.

The insanity of this is that in order to really feel yourself, your wants and needs, different parts of you, you need a whole village of people, plants and animals but in modern culture we are trained to project our wants and needs directly to other people instead of going for them directly. At the same time we are trained to give more value to other people wants and needs instead of our own.

Why is this insane? Because not every person, plant or animal can fullfill all of your needs. You don`t go to the sheep and ask it for cherries. Do you?

The same it is for humans. If your partner is not interested in dancing with you everyday in a bar, than you might find a person exploring that with you. And this doesn`t have to mean that you give up your relationship. It just means that you take care of yourself and step out of ordinary relationship by asking and blaming your partner to not be interested or capable of doing that with you.It can lead to more joy in the relationship.

You know this say so of: “You need a whole village to raise a child…”-Exactly!

And this doesn`t stop!

The flow of joy, of life energy doesn`t stop.But we are so busy with holding on to traditions, beliefs and concepts through our mind that we surpress, deny or disown parts of ourselves and therefore needs and wants that lead to progression and growth …expansion in our life and therefore our consciousness.

If you buy a car you do that to feel yourself. If you go on a trip to do bungee jumping you do that to feel yourself. If a baby bights you in the hand, it does that to feel it`s jaw. The more you feel a reference, a mirror to your physical body, the more the emotions and feelings can circulate in your system. Inspiration comes and something that the yogi calls: kundalini energy…your life energy can flow freely in your system.

If you rip out trees from the soil of the earth, if you put your garbage in the bushes or if you kill an animal, you do that because you already have gone so far in modern culture of not feeling yourself.

Drastic numbness leads to drastic choices!

We all need a lot more touch and sounds and smells and inspiration to our senses than we live in a mind based robotic functioning modern culture today. We lost the simplicity of things.

Did you ever see a flower growing on the gras alone?

Expansion and Progression starts by Relating and through that healing, communicating, doing…

Lonelyness is the biggest disease on our planet today and it arises through limitation of our minds and bodies.

If children learn from the start to resource another person and how to be a resource for someone else, the strengthening of it`s core value and grounding on this planet can be so much stronger.

What do you need right now?

How can you resource that?

What is your intention ?

And at this point there is no question if your Ego speaks or not. Sometimes if you don`t follow the needs of your ego, your being will starve too or never show up.

However don`t harm yourself or others by going for what you want!