Possibility Hanging

‚Possibility Hanging‘ is a part of the gameworld to become grounded. To become grounded in your body and on mother earth is the foundation to feel your feelings, to keep and realign with you center and to realign the tissues of your physical body as it might go with you through your daily life with different movement practices that may create symptoms or injuries. The purpose is to give experiments, sharing, feedback and coaching about groundedness.

By using principles & tools of Klein Technique™ and Possibility Management as well as various forms of body work that i learned thoughout the years as a dancer and body therapist the space is based on sauntering and taking it slow while we are experimenting with different movement sequences.

To saunter is not really a modern culture thing. In order to keep up with a mind based culture you have to be quick depending on where your center is located.

However observing and listening to your heart intelligence is more difficult if you are hyper vigilant and your nervous system is constantly in fight or flight mode.

For hearing and experiencing your being information coming through you it needs time & space.

Mindful movement, conscious breathing & certain movement sequences can create space for that.

In ‚Possibility Hanging‘ we go with our awareness into our deepest tissue: the bones.

Realigning the connections between your bones we will experiment with hanging of our legs, spirrels, breathing, diagonals, your spacial intention, focus and energetic spin on the level of your bones to enter the gameworld of becoming grounded.

To be in connection with your bones gives a doorway to your anger, holds space for your fear and let your sensations for your body increase so that joy flows in all your cells. It is a physical approach to shifting from the old maps of feelings to a new map of feelings.

Let your energetic body be nourished by this!

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Let`s hang out together!

This is an ongoing space online via Zoom with me as a spaceholder. In this space we share our findings and give feedback & coaching.

Date: Every Tuesday
Time: 5 – 6:30 pm CET
Investment: 12 – 15 Euro
Language: English