Beschreibung folgt in Kürze….

Bis dahin gebe ich dir eine Frage und eine Antwort mit:

Wo ist deine Bühne?

Ablehnung heißt nicht ohne Wert zu sein!


I am an emotional healing agent which means i am here to hold space for your healing processes. Since years i worked on healing my emotional body which basically meant at first to even feel again and distinguish between emotions and feelings. I visited, went into or even created spaces that allowed people to feel again, to feel the pain of patriarchy and to get distinctions concerning the instruments we came with, our b(o)uddies.

As Sadghuru ones said: „If humans would vanish today the earth will flourish.“

And it is because of our arrogance that till this day we got our earth to a breaking point where we are far from a flourishing world anymore.

A part of healing is that by healing yourself you can offer spaces to create something different. It is that softening and expanding your own energy through self awareness that creates space for yourself and others. Let your b(o)uddies communicate with each other to become aware and to heal your emotional body.

For that i am holding space for you and to start diving into these spaces all you need is: not knowing and start experimenting cause no one knows how it works, no one knows how your b(o)uddies interact, only you know.

Through listening, repeat loops, sensing, intuition, asking questions, breathing, movement and many other tools we can create them a voice again and explore new spaces of awareness.




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