Insights of Body

Hallo Dissoziation – Let`s have fun …NOW

Out of body experiences can be exhilarating. I get it. Sometimes it is the only solution to DISmiss SOZIal situATIONs cause the intimacy would be to painful. It is fun to ride that wave of feeling completely in the zone but actually out of zone. It is an experience of generations even. People take drugs for it to get there. And actually you don’t even need drugs for it. Out of body happens while you are trapped in emotions from the past, that have not been heard or not been completed through human relationship. Out of body happens by being in the past, projection the past, living in the illusion that your past is present or living in the future.

There are many ways. And i get it. The pain of incarnation can be even worse. Better not to feel what might come up their. Your lineages coming through you, your ancestors talking through you. The amount of responsibility coming over you cause suddenly you will be at service. At service of the tasks and energy you came here to bring into the world. Taking over your duties, being fully grown up and ready to shift the current gameworlds. This is fucking scary. And yes it seems to be easier to go out of your body to sprinkle your fear into the outer world and project your fears on others. But with this you pay a price and the price can be sickness, loneliness, depression, symptoms that your body creates, and a hell lot more.

And believe me I tried all of it. I tried to be out of my body so much that a fight started between me and my body. He just wanted me to be incarnated so I danced, moved like crazy sacrificed the opportunity to maybe have more money in life, stepped out of the system, went to the lowest points in relationships. I did therapy, coaching, studied for over 10 years everything I can about: How does this thing work here on this planet, this body? Am i really here?

And i tell you I am here at service to support you finding your way back into your body, to expand your full life energy as you came here for. I don’t know how it goes but I have a hell of a lot tools to support you on that, possibilities that worked for me.
In the ancient times people believed that being out of body means closer to God. There is this thing about religion even to torture and abuse people so that the soul will choose to leave that body or split into fragments and the coat that is left can be used as a weapon, manipulated for certain interests. It happens in Satanism…it happens in our society just because of our values of not dealing with causes but symptoms.

The practice of „religion“ should be a practice of feeling whole again, of integration, of me AND you. Instead our religions became: fragmentation of people, society, relationships…splitting and separation is what is been used to stay in that out of body experience, to make it look like fear is controlled, to not having the power over your own magician or witch. It is a big accusation I am doing here. However I am talking about concepts that I see exist in the world for thousands of years and the biggest thing right now that is out their is me AGAINST you. Everytime you play a zero sum game you leave your body even more. You are not at service of your purpose…

So what are you deciding for?