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Expansive Learning

“The success is the doorway to the next failure. “— Clinton Callahan

The Importance of Failure….

Like love to learn is to take something as a part of yourself. Without love there is no positive reinforcement, no drive, no curiosity, no exploration…

When you take an idea or a question as a part of yourself you get curious about it and want to see, hear, feel and smell what its needs and insights are. You enter experience.

Learning is a cyclic thing. It is floating like a spiral through 4 feelings, 4 seasons and 4 bodies to seting free and nourishing your archetypal body, your purpose.

First you start with something. For that you need fear, you are unconscious about your incompetence until you get conscious about it through the widening of your awareness. It is like winter time when everything seems to stand still and you tend to look inward and observe yourself, plan or vison about the next spring, what needs to be done in the fields or what a new year can bring.

Then you shift into your conscious incompetence. Now you are aware of what you need to learn, explore or practice and for that you need anger and drive. This is connected to the spring time in nature when flowers and trees start to blossom again, the leaves come out and the light gets brighter and the days longer. There is a push towards aliveness.

Through practice, endurance in and of itself you create a conscious competence in a new skill until your competence get unconscious again. It is the summer phase of learning. Fruits of your practice are created, like its is said: “the fruits of your labor”. It creates joy when finally in autumn you can harvest these fruits and store it and nourish yourself from it, expand in your being, went out of your comfort zone until with the sadness you let go of this new skill you just learned and enter a new cycle by unconscious incompetence.

To learn is a spiral that if you choose to fail over and over again gives you so many presents through practice. It shifts your energy to a higher vibration cause you learn by going from the unknown to the known over and over again.

It is different from what we learn in schools where the known is reproduced in a linear repetition over and over again like a mantra. No expansion. It is stuck in verbal reality.

And it is interconnected to your physical, emotional, energetical and intellectual body where every new skill or idea that you explore is experienced in all 4 bodies or practiced by intertwining those bodies.

Let`s learn in spirals…find Comfort in the Discomfort…make your healing pressure your learning pressure. Let the cyclic life give feedback & coaching of what is to be done next!

Love, Christine

More information you find in the book of Clinton Callahan — “Directing the Power of Conscious Feelings” or here