Body Alchemy

There are many concepts of body and there are many concepts of alchemy. So believe me …what i am trying to write here i have no clue of it cause there are so many layers and perspectives on that, making my head spin.

However, i choose to show you this one today and maybe there is some treasure in this for you as it is not a rigid concept and i am happy for feeback of what you find out for yourself concerning body and alchemy.

What i am honored to experience more and more in my system is that we have 5 bodies instead of one (the picture shows 4…i will post the new picture soon). And this is not only the case for my own body universe. Nature has 5 bodies. Patriarchy has 5 bodies and every being on this planet. And every_body has it`s own needs and nutrition. Needs are important and to meet them even more. And this has a light and shadow side but we talk about that later…

So, you have an intellectual body, a physical body, an emotional body, an energetically body and an archetypal body. They all have needs and when i talk about flow or to live flow on that website i am talking about expressing them e.g. in some form of breathing, movement and voice expression. For me these are basic principles not really followed in our world and i am dedicated to support bodies on expressing themselves.

Sometimes i was lucky to experience these moments of being fully present in all of those bodies like now for instance writing this and i also found out some ways to feed my bodies but it still takes me some time to really grasp it. I will tell you why…

In our modern society i made the experience that even the basic expressions mainly of your emotional and energetical body, well if you want to be dramatic the flow of your live is not possible due to patriarchal structures. With structures there come ristrictions and they sometimes leed to certain stops of expansion in you and the world.

To follow the needs of all your bodies means to become liquid, to become water that our earth so desperately needs and i go even further …might be dangerous for you now…

To become that river that first breaks the ristrictions of its own rivderbed and maybe through that brings up new live where its form is build by you.

What this means:

You come in all kinds of shapes, forms and fragments, you might have different ideas, concepts, boxes concerning one of these bodies or all of them or you are made of different layers. Basically when it comes to modern society chances are your are used to feed your intellectual body and physcial body, maybe sometimes even emotional body but maybe you know or feel little about your energetical or archetypal one.

And as i write about this i feel so many layers about this concept even i don´t know of and this stresses my intellectual body right now making my physical body tense and my emotions go to fear of not knowing.

Well as we are human beings on this planet whose basic need is contact, it is about contact and communication of all of your bodies with each other and this is alchemy. This could be a way to heal the rigidness in some parts of you and through that even soften the rigidness that we as a collective are going into right now.

As we see it in our societies right now and also in our climate and weather. We go into extremes, as i perceive in the extremes of the intellectual body in us and out of us while the pain of our physical body rises as meaning also the earth gets desperate for air, water and peace. So much damage has been done and while i am writing from this big perspective how much physical pain are you holding space for in your life while you force other parts of you to go even further?

Your bodies can hold space for each other and to some degree they do that even if you don`t want to feel or speak or think or going according to your purpose by going into its extremes. As a body therapist i use the technique of condensing and relieving the tissue. Sometimes even more pressure from the outside world helps to wring out the emotion or feeling out of you like a citrus fruit. It is one possibility to access hidden treasures especially when you got lost in one of your bodies and another one expanded out „of control“. Then you need a reference… i will talk about that soon too…

However you also do that for yourself sometimes, e.g. when you do a push up, you condense tissue for yourself and after that yoiu feel your emotional body more or another one. Why else are people dedicating to extreme sports?

I invite you to play with your bodies and observe yourself.

What is your intellectual body saying, doing or feeling?

What is your physical body saying, doing or feeling?

What is your emotional body saying, doing or feeling?

What is your energetical body saying, doing or feeling?

What is your archetypal body saying, doing or feeling? (whatever this means to you…i will talk later about that)

This way of researching is alchemy. This way of exploring is becoming whole again.

During this week do the following experiment:

For 10 min each day find a position that suits you and feel into your different bodies. What do they want you to know of? What are they saying, feeling, doing? Start communicating through your senses, touch and feelings and write down your results in a new book you call: My b(o)uddies.

If you want to dive into this context even more. More information you find here