About Me

My name is Christine and for now i am a  Gameworld Transformation Agent.

I am here to support you in your inner navigation of your gameworld so your outside gameworld(s) can transform and vice versa.

I am writing under the pseudonym ‚Klara Körper‘ to remind me and maybe you about the insides from our five bodies: energetic, archetypal, physical, intellectual, emotional.

Through me lives sensuality, family, clarity, transformation and love.

In my sevice i combine tools and distinctions from the context of ‚Possibility Management‚ , the body psycho therapy and body practice of Klein Techniqueas well as the work of the  grandmothers.

As i am currently in my decontamination process of my adult ego state this website showes what living in a gameworld in and of itself inside of you handling different ego states through parts work and deconatmination tools means: I am writing in english and german as it comes out of me and as my inner gameworld transforms this website will transform.

In patriarchy i am trained in movement culture psycholgy and nutrition with several degrees. Contact me if these are necessary for you to know. As i am stepping into next culture i am offering services for you to do so too. Hereby i follow my void of experimenting and my love for the being.

My purpose is to create community, connection and healing between gameworlds, possibilites and human beings and to support paths instead of goals.

I am german and i live currently in Germany.

For logistics: Some of my offers are in german hence the website page for this offer is written in german e.g. body psychotherapy. This is an offer that creates a bridge to next culture and needs a physical space and takes place in Germany.

More about me you find best in my Instagram Account or on Youtube.


K: Klarheit.

œ: ostdeutsch mit nordafrikanischer Seele

Tr: ansparenz

p: partnerschaftliche und abenteuerliche Frau


r: Richtung

This energy lives through me:

„Strahlen und Licht, Freiheit gebend, Raum gebend, Licht und Himmel steigen, Sicherheit, Urvertrauen, Mit mir fliegend und nicht runterfallend, Erdung in der Luft, Geleit, begleitet zwischen den Welten, jemand der zwischen zwei Welten begleitet, fliegender Teppich, in die Weite, Licht, Ozean, tiefen weiten großen Ozean, der in der Sonne funkelt. Offenheit, Gegenteil von Mauer, offener Blick ins Leben, Mut und Anstrengung immer wieder über diese Mauer zu krabbeln, Erdung, was in die Tiefe geht, Wurzeln machend, Verbundenheit drinnen in der Traurigkeit, Weichheit, bemühen um Klarheit, Bemühen UND Klarheit, Suche, Gefunden haben, weiter suchen, Sehnsucht, dem Ganzen nicht wirklich trauen“ – Birgit Rüger